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SCP #21: The Sea

Week three down, only 49 to go.  The end is nowhere in sight, but I'm still mostly enjoying myself. Yesterday was a first for me in terms of improvising on guitar and voice at the same time, today's piece is a first in that I've never really used my loop pedal with a guitar before, only with my voice.  Each of these daily compositions give me a chance to try out new ideas, but they also give me a chance to struggle at actually performing them without much practice.

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SCP #4: Hard Heart, Soft Hands

I felt like playing some mandolin today.  From yesterday I took the idea of a square, which has four sides, and played around with intervals of a fourth to find the simple accompaniment pattern.  Phrasing that same melody in groups of five over the top creates a nice bit of tension that eventually resolves.  It's quite refreshing where such a small idea can lead, and although the result is very simple I can hear all kinds of possibilities for expanding it and arranging it for an ensemble.

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SCP #2: Lydia's Needle

I completed my Honours year in music at the Victorian College of the Arts last year, and studied with my friend Joanna Kerr who is a wonderful vocalist and composer.  Her research was looking at "seeds" - small ideas that inform compositions, which in turn inform improvisations, which in turn offer up new material for composing and improvising with.  I'm definitely over-simplifying her work, but that basic idea is central to this project.  There are times when I find getting started on something impossible, often becoming paralysed by procrastination, and this project is attempting to circumvent that by offering a ready-made starting point.  So far it seems to be working, as getting started today (day two) was much easier than yesterday.  I'm still in the honeymoon phase of course, so I'll have to wait and see how long that lasts

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SCP #1: The Number Of Petals My Heart Has Left

The tyranny of the blank page... 

It turns out there was a fatal flaw in my plan for this project: I didn't have any kind of starting point for the very first song.  I'm naturally an excellent procrastinator if given the chance, and I almost decided that my announcement of the project would count as today's work.  But I made a late dash to the finish line after dinner and emerged triumphant.

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