SCP #1: The Number Of Petals My Heart Has Left

The tyranny of the blank page...

It turns out there was a fatal flaw in my plan for this project: I didn't have any kind of starting point for the very first song.  I'm naturally an excellent procrastinator if given the chance, and I almost decided that my announcement of the project would count as today's work.  But I made a late dash to the finish line after dinner and emerged triumphant.

I ended up taking the name of the project as my inspiration for this first piece of music, which led me to the word daisy, and then to this.  I really wish I hadn't chosen to put it in an odd time signature, but once I'd conceived it I had to just go with it. I've realised if I'm going to write, record and share something every day I have to let go of any attempts at perfectionism, so here it is warts and all.