SCP #4: Hard Heart, Soft Hands

I felt like playing some mandolin today.  From yesterday I took the idea of a square, which has four sides, and played around with intervals of a fourth to find the simple accompaniment pattern.  Phrasing that same melody in groups of five over the top creates a nice bit of tension that eventually resolves.  It's quite refreshing where such a small idea can lead, and although the result is very simple I can hear all kinds of possibilities for expanding it and arranging it for an ensemble.

Lyrically, the hook came to mind while I was playing around with the accompaniment idea and I just went with it.  I did a three minute timed writing session and pulled out some of the interesting bits for the rest of the text.  I have a bit of an obsession with imagining being inside someone's body and observing or interacting with their anatomy, so I suspect it's a theme that is going to run through this whole project.  I might have to ban myself from using it as a lyrical idea for some of these experiments to see where else my imagination can take me.