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SCP #11: Honeycomb

I love lyrics, words, text and poetry.  They have always been the driving force of my composition practice, and I think Lydia's Needle from last week was possibly the first thing I've ever written without any kind of textual component.  That makes today's contribution is my second ever instrumental piece (although can I call it instrumental even though I'm singing the melody?)

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SCP #4: Hard Heart, Soft Hands

I felt like playing some mandolin today.  From yesterday I took the idea of a square, which has four sides, and played around with intervals of a fourth to find the simple accompaniment pattern.  Phrasing that same melody in groups of five over the top creates a nice bit of tension that eventually resolves.  It's quite refreshing where such a small idea can lead, and although the result is very simple I can hear all kinds of possibilities for expanding it and arranging it for an ensemble.

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