SCP #124: Drawer Diving

In my chat with Lucy Roleff for Mind Over Myth we talked about being addicted to newness. When I was young my favourite Barbie doll was always the newest one I'd acquired.  I adored that newest doll, dressed it in all the best outfits, devoted hours to creating stories and scenes for it to play in, and then discarded it on the next birthday or Christmas when a new one arrived to take its place.  

Now, at 33, this tendency hasn't left me, and I am still able to find endless inspiration and excitement in new things.  My newest thing is learning to play bass, and right now I'd much rather do that than write songs.  So far my playing has been limited to major scales and Autumn Leaves, and this is the first time I've attempted to do something slightly improvised.  Enjoy my first tentative fumbles.

The text for this one started with the theme ring, and once I started to write this little strange and surrealist scene began to unfold in my imagination.