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SCP #175: Somewhere That Isn't Here

A song! As much as I have been enjoying playing around with light it also feels nice to spend time on some composition.  I was woken very early the other morning, and sitting waiting for the sun to rise I began daydreaming about being on a plane to somewhere else in the world.  I took light as my theme from the previous piece and spun that together with my travel imaginings.  I was originally playing this on piano, but something about it sounded too much like musical theatre so I rearranged it for vocal loops and bass.  I was back to late night recording, so everything is played very quietly.

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SCP #124: Drawer Diving

In my chat with Lucy Roleff for Mind Over Myth we talked about being addicted to newness. When I was young my favourite Barbie doll was always the newest one I'd acquired.  I adored that newest doll, dressed it in all the best outfits, devoted hours to creating stories and scenes for it to play in, and then discarded it on the next birthday or Christmas when a new one arrived to take its place.  

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