SCP #86: Apple Cider

It's school holidays and my teaching load has lightened up, so I spent a leisurely amount of time on this song.  I have found through this project that I often run out of steam half way through a composition, particularly when it comes to writing second verses of lyrics.  All my best ideas from writing exercises usually end up in the first verse or section of lyrics, and then there is pressure for the second part to equal the first in quality, and also move the song along somehow.  I find a more traditional pop song structure much harder to write in a day, but these less traditionally structured songs come much easier.  I treated this one a little like a painting, with both verses adding new layers to the picture.

I continued with the autumn theme, and centred most of my writing exercises around the idea that the season is fleeting.  I did eight separate writing exercises for this one, quite a lot compared to other recent pieces. They gave me lots of material to pick from, which was helpful in finding enough to fill both verses. One of my writing prompts was apple cider, a drink that reminds me of autumn, and the personification of the result of that exercise gave me an interesting beginning to a love song.