SCP #27: Orange Peels

This piece continues on with yesterday's citrus theme, but used oranges instead of lemons as a prompt.  I took the melody from yesterday's improvisation and turned it into a chord, and then transposed it into a nicer key for mandolin.  

This song came out much easier than some of my other recent attempts, perhaps because I did the initial research and writing exercises before taking a break to make dinner.  One of my songwriting lecturers at VCA recommended going for a walk when you get stuck on something, and I've found that to be quite a useful tactic.  A quick Google search reveals plenty of articles about the benefits of walking for creativity and problem solving, and I think my time out in the kitchen had a similar effect to going for a walk.  There is definitely a temptation with these pieces to try and push through blocks and struggles, because the deadline is so short, but sometimes taking a break is a far more productive thing to do.