SCP #28: The Finest Layer

Today was a can't-be-bothered kind of day, thanks to a very early start, awfully muggy weather and playing four sets of music at a wedding fair with the entertainment agency I run.  It was still about 30℃ when I got home, and melting into the furniture was about all I wanted to do.  I gave in to that impulse for a few hours, but eventually the nagging feeling of not having done today's song got the better of me.  

If it weren't for this project I absolutely would not have done anything creative.  I would have let a few glasses of wine and a few episodes of something trashy lull me into a pleasant state of foggy relaxation before falling asleep on the couch half way through an episode of Midsomer Murders.  I have definitely reduced my consumption of guilty pleasure TV shows since starting this project, and it reminds me of my creative drive when I first moved out of my parents' house.  I had no TV, and the internet wasn't really developed enough to keep me distracted for longer than fifteen minutes, so creative projects became my primary source of entertainment and distraction. There was no sense of missing out on something, because there was no internet or TV advertising to tell me what I was missing out on.  Despite how the internet makes so much of life easier, I am feeling quite nostalgic for those pre-smart-phone days. Today suggests there is hope in reclaiming a little bit of that old mindset through this project, learning again how to relax through creative work.

I kept things simple, and took peel as a theme from yesterday.  This one was just a 90 second writing exercise, and an improvised performance.  It finally started raining to break the heat of the day, and you can hear the rain in the background of this video.  A chuckle from outside also sneaks in toward the end.