SCP #25: Don't Say It

One of the things you learn while studying jazz is how to be complicated.  Every time I write something simple I have this voice in the back of my mind telling me it's not good enough because it's not full of crazy chords or in some kind of weird time signature.  It's a ridiculous mindset, as there is plenty of beauty and skill in composing simply, but I really have to work hard to convince myself of that when I'm in the middle of writing and my inner critic is judging like mad.  

Of course, with 365 songs to write I might have to utilise more than just two chords for variety's sake, but today I just felt like singing something uncomplicated so I just layered up an interval on my loop pedal. I took the theme of goodbye from yesterday, and dived a little way into my own personal experience for this one.  I talked last week I think about how I used to write a lot of very personal songs, but stopped because it was facilitating writers' block.  This one is a little uncomfortably personal, but it's what came to mind and I guess that means it needed to come out.  It's still far more veiled than something I would have written when I was 21, so I'll leave you to interpret it as you wish.