SCP #24: Sun-Pearl

Good morning!  Here's a belated post for yesterday's song.  I feel like I need to prove somehow that I did write and record it yesterday, but you'll just have to take my word for it.  I didn't finish getting the video ready until well after 1am last night, so I pressed upload and went to bed.  I had to re-watch it this morning to remember what I had done, and discovered there is some grammatical weirdness at the end of the lyrics that is going to irritate me all day.  I had been wrestling with the end of the lyrics for a while, and in the end I called time and just went with what I had.   I'm glad I didn't just leave out the second verse completely, as I now have a rough draft that I can polish up.

I decided to use some of my work from the day before, so this song continues with Monday's pearl theme.  Having a an extra day to process the ideas that didn't make it into Tuesday's song seemed to help them solidify into something close to my original intention.  To keep it linked to what I did do yesterday I took the Csus chord as a starting point.

I worked myself into an awkward place while I was writing this one, as I realised part way through that I had borrowed the chord progression from the pre-chorus of that song Black Velvet, and then I couldn't hear anything but that song in my head.  I was also playing around with a kind of bluesy feel, which just made things worse.  In my initial draft I had been resolving the suspended chords to their major chord, so I scrapped that, and changed the feel, which managed to lift me out of Black Velvet land and put me into traditional folk-song land.