SCP #40: Moth

I could fib, and tell you that I recorded this yesterday and just didn't have time to upload it, but that's not really in the spirit of this project.  So no, I didn't record this yesterday. I didn't even finish writing it yesterday.  I had the guitar part and half the lyrics done, and then I fell asleep, exhausted, on the couch with a pencil in my hand while trying to work on the second half of the words.  I gave in, and went to bed, I woke this morning refreshed but very annoyed that I hadn't just recorded what I had, instead of labouring over it when my mind had clearly switched off for the day.

So this morning I finished it off.  I had a student at 12, and gave myself that as the absolute deadline to have it done and recorded.  I made it, but only just.  The video ended up out of focus thanks to my rushed camera set up, but I left it as is.  It's a little bare played solo on just guitar, and I can hear so many ideas for arrangements in my mind.  I wish I had a string quartet in my wardrobe that I could pull out for moments like this.

From yesterday I took the word moth as a theme, but instead of focussing on the annoying ones that eat all your clothes and breed in your pantry, I found pictures of some really beautiful insects and used them as a source of inspiration.  The chord progression came from yesterday's piece somehow, although I can't remember now what I started with or how it morphed into the final accompaniment.

I'm determined that this is the first and last time I'll fail to record the day's work before I go to bed.  Next time I'll record what I have, and then use the next day's song as an opportunity to finish it.  And now, to get to work on todays song...