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SCP #103: Spider (II)

The second in my series of spider-themed improvisations.  I have been working on a series of performance pieces for this opera, which is debuting on Thursday, so most of my music and lyrical creative energy over the past week has gone into that project.  I have been indulging my cinematographic creativity as part of this project instead.

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SCP #41: Cocoon

Friday's deadline failure has made me realise that 2am bed times for the rest of the year are just not sustainable, especially when I am teaching at 8:30 or 9am the following day.  I have generally been good at actually writing and recording the day's song before midnight (or at worst before 1am), but I don't feel my task is complete until I edit the video, upload it, write the day's blog post and then share it across my social media platforms.  

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SCP #40: Moth

I could fib, and tell you that I recorded this yesterday and just didn't have time to upload it, but that's not really in the spirit of this project.  So no, I didn't record this yesterday. I didn't even finish writing it yesterday.  I had the guitar part and half the lyrics done, and then I fell asleep, exhausted, on the couch with a pencil in my hand while trying to work on the second half of the words.  I gave in, and went to bed, I woke this morning refreshed but very annoyed that I hadn't just recorded what I had, instead of labouring over it when my mind had clearly switched off for the day.

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