SCP #22: String Of Pearls

Just a quick post today, before I go and get a decent night's sleep.  I kept on with the sea theme, and this piece is a kind of continuation of yesterday's story.  Sonically it's structured in three sections: the sound of the waves above water, then the sound in your ears when you plunge under the water, and finally the sound of bubbles as they rush from your mouth.  

I attempted to represent these three sonic sections using my loop pedal.  I have a Boss RC-30, which is very simple with only two channels, and I find that a helpful restriction.  It's becoming apparent as I head deeper into this project that restrictions are excellent conductors of creativity.  The problem-solving mindset required to work within them helps to re-focus my energies on just doing the work, rather than getting hung up on judgement of the work before it's even finished.