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SCP #22: String Of Pearls

Just a quick post today, before I go and get a decent night's sleep.  I kept on with the sea theme, and this piece is a kind of continuation of yesterday's story.  Sonically it's structured in three sections: the sound of the waves above water, then the sound in your ears when you plunge under the water, and finally the sound of bubbles as they rush from your mouth.

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SCP #21: The Sea

Week three down, only 49 to go.  The end is nowhere in sight, but I'm still mostly enjoying myself. Yesterday was a first for me in terms of improvising on guitar and voice at the same time, today's piece is a first in that I've never really used my loop pedal with a guitar before, only with my voice.  Each of these daily compositions give me a chance to try out new ideas, but they also give me a chance to struggle at actually performing them without much practice.

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