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SCP #61: Salt and Grease

I live in Melbourne's southern suburbs, and for those unfamiliar with our city there is a strange North vs South divide that sees people hating on residents on the other side of the river to themselves.  I have lived on both sides, and while I was a North-sider I spent a lot of time thinking the South was inferior. But then I moved across town and realised that I much preferred the South, and I barely think about the North at all, except when I have to travel over there to play a gig (which I'm doing tomorrow).  Because while I prefer to live South of the river Melbourne's live music scene is concentrated in the North. 

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SCP #22: String Of Pearls

Just a quick post today, before I go and get a decent night's sleep.  I kept on with the sea theme, and this piece is a kind of continuation of yesterday's story.  Sonically it's structured in three sections: the sound of the waves above water, then the sound in your ears when you plunge under the water, and finally the sound of bubbles as they rush from your mouth.

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