SCP #9: The Taste Of A Stammer

Today's contribution starts to stretch the definition of music a little, but it falls within my use of the term.  This was a purely lyrical endeavour, and came from the line "tripping through streets in insensible shoes" from yesterday, which I found myself turning around in my head long after I'd finished the recording.  I decided to take the dominant sounds of that line, S's and T's, as my starting point.  After brainstorming a whole lot of words that featured those sounds I put them together into random sentences, and the one I really liked the sound of was "the taste of a stammer".  I used that as the starting point for a narrative, and fleshed out the text with other words from my brainstormed list, weaving them together in ways I liked both alliteratively and narratively.

I love this kind of writing exercise, as it helps to circumvent the internal editor that was giving me grief yesterday.  It becomes a problem solving exercise, finding ways seemingly unrelated words can be linked, which in turn throws up new ideas and material to work.  If I were spending more time on this piece I might start to pull apart this text and turn it into more of a song, but for today I just left it as is.  Perhaps I'll revisit it later on in this project and do just that.

I tried my hardest to keep the pulse in time to the clock ticking quietly above my head, but alas, I inevitably ended up out of phase with it by the end of the performance.