SCP #10: The End Of A Feeling

I don't have a lot of brain space left tonight, but I'll do my best to bash out a few cohesive thoughts on this piece.  Today was an exercise in learning that something is enough.  This one is not very long, and there was far more I was playing around with, but it got to 11:30pm and I decided to just record the most cohesive part.  I tried to treat it like a finished piece in performance, and just making that mental decision seemed to help solidify it as a composition that is complete in itself regardless of what it wanted to be originally.

I took the phrase sticky tangle from yesterday as my starting point.  I went with my trusted timed writing exercises and then improvised with some of the text until I found a melody I liked.  I tried to do something more exciting with the harmony, but as the clock raced toward midnight simplicity won out.