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SCP #34: Ruby Secrets

It's summer in Melbourne, and even though it wasn't particularly hot today my flat just won't cool down.  I don't like to play or practice with the windows open for the sake of our neighbours, so spending time locked in a small room with no airflow has been particularly uncomfortable the last couple of days.  I got about half an hour of guitar scales in today before I'd had enough, so I kept today's piece very simple.

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SCP #32: Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers

Today marks the first day of month two of this year-long project.  I should probably write a bit of a reflection on month one, but I might do that as a separate post tomorrow when I have a some free time.  Today I'll keep my writing about my composition, and I might get a little nerdy in today's post.  If you're one of my non-musician friends you might want to skip through to the bit about the lyrics.

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