SCP #34: Ruby Secrets

It's summer in Melbourne, and even though it wasn't particularly hot today my flat just won't cool down.  I don't like to play or practice with the windows open for the sake of our neighbours, so spending time locked in a small room with no airflow has been particularly uncomfortable the last couple of days.  I got about half an hour of guitar scales in today before I'd had enough, so I kept today's piece very simple.

For today's text I used a book chosen at random from my bookshelves (The Great Gatsby, in case you're wondering).  I used the letters of yesterday's song title, (Firsts), and opened the book to random pages choosing the first word I saw that started with each letter.  I realise now I forgot about the second S on the end of the word, but that's OK.  

From this exercise I ended up with the words followingimpatientlyrubiessecrets and talked. I put them together into a short sentence and used that as the material for an improvisation.  The only restriction I gave myself was to do the whole thing in one breath (or the first breath, to fit with the continued theme from yesterday).  Perhaps if it weren't so hot I might have found the energy to do a little more with the text, but part of this project is about learning to accept whatever I am capable of producing in one day.