SCP #136: At My End

This is yesterday's song.  I didn't spend ages on it, but I did engage myself fully in the research, writing and recording process, which I must admit I haven't been doing recently.  I'm perhaps regaining control over the project, and the other parts of my life too, and it feels very nice.  This might have something to do with being able to upload my videos to Instagram from home again, which I haven't been able to do for the past few months.  Instead I've had to walk down to the library and use the free public WiFi there.  Knowing I can completely finish the writing/recording/sharing process in one sitting definitely helps my motivation.  Unlike the first few weeks of the project, I'm not particularly affected by the reaction to my work on social media, but there is still a strong motivational push from wanting to share what I've created.  It's nice to be able to do the sharing straight away so that my slate is clean again for the next day's work.

This piece takes distance as a starting point, which was one of the themes explored in the previous day's piece.  I used an etymological dictionary for ideas, interrogating the word distance, plus its two parts "dis" and "stance".  Discord was one word that appeared, and I used this as the basis for the accompaniment, exploring discordance in the harmonic beating of a cluster of notes.