SCP #121: A Cool Ring Beneath My Eyebrow

I am not top of this project at the moment.  I am chasing it, and, like a Will-'O-The-Wisp, when I run for it it retreats and I can never catch it up.  This was meant to be Tuesday's piece, but I didn't manage to get anything done that day and ended up a song behind.  I caught up on Wednesday, but then I spent Thursday editing this podcast episode in preparation for my gig with Lucy Roleff on Monday night, missed Thursday's song, and had to catch up again on Friday.  There's a fine line between allowing myself to take a day off and catch up the next day when I really need to, and taking the day off and catching up the next day just because I can.  I need to find the balance between the two.

This piece is a little bit of text left over from my Kaleidoscope writing exercises.  I had a seven minute window to record it before I needed to leave the house for an appointment, so it's a very spontaneous looped improvisation.