SCP #38: The First Train Home

This piece is improvised, following on from yesterday's themes of transport and rain.  Yesterday it was a car, today a train.  I wrote the text first, then freely improvised with it and recorded only one take.  While I like spending time crafting and perfecting a piece of music, I also love improvising freely, and there is something particularly interesting about the very first performance of an idea.  My composition process involves recording improvisations like this and then listening back to them for ideas to expand upon, but those improvisations rarely make it past a voice memo on my phone.  This project gives them a reason to exist as compositions in their own right, and I am excited to develop this part of my practice as the year progresses.

You might be able to guess that I had less time for my daily song today, and it's because I spent most of the day working on releasing a podcast out into the world.  I have secretly wanted to make a podcast for ages, but until starting this project didn't have anything to talk about.  Now, however, my head is filled with thoughts and ideas and questions, and talking to myself through these blog posts is not enough.  I need to work through these ideas with others, and that's exactly what I'll be doing through this podcast.

So I present to you Mind Over Myth, a podcast about creativity.  The first episode is just me having a conversation with myself, introducing a few of the ideas I'm interested in exploring through the series, but all future episodes will feature conversations with guests.  I already have interviews booked in with some wonderful people, and I'm really excited to see where these conversations will go.  The podcast is still awaiting iTunes approval, but you can stream the first episode here.  Or, if you're not an iTunes user, you can subscribe to the podcast manually using this RSS feed address: