SCP #37: Navigate Our Love

I considered leaving this to tomorrow morning to record, simply because I would have had more fun if I could crank my amp a bit.  Once I start doing that, however, there's nothing stopping me from putting the writing off until the morning too, so I stuck to plan and recorded as quietly as I could.

For this piece I took the idea of maps from yesterday, and workshopped some lyric ideas around both road maps and brain maps.  I think the brain maps idea came from the map Wikipedia page, and I was distracted for a while looking at brain scans, which can be quite beautiful.  The lyrics for this one were frustrating, I think because it's closer to a pop song than anything I've written recently. I had the first verse, which I really liked, but then I trapped myself trying to repeat that structure for the second verse.  I had to take a step back, and ask myself what I'd do if I were my teacher, and the answer was to do more timed writing exercises.  So I did, and immediately found new angles and ideas to work with.

More often than not going back to the writing exercises will help me work through to the end of a song, or at least the end of a first draft, although there are occasions when the only thing that's going to help is time away from the work to let my brain unconsciously process ideas.  That kind of time is hard to come by in this project with its daily deadline, so I'm getting a lot of practice pushing through with the writing and composition exercises.

Harmonically, I took the 13th interval from yesterday and reversed it, so it was a minor third, and based the song in a minor key.  Listening back as I was editing the video I realised the melody of one part is very similar to the song Two Acorns from the album I released last year.  I'm going to have to go back in and rework that section so that I'm not stealing too much from myself.