SCP #15: Nyx

Week three begins, and I started today refreshed and ready to write again.  The last few days had left me feeling quite stale, so I decided I needed to introduce some fresh creative material into my process.  From yesterday I took the idea of the night, and did some quick and dirty Google research into night-related mythology.  I was intrigued by the Goddess Nyx, and so I used her as the basis for this piece.  In particular I was interested in the ways she might bring on the night, by physically casting a veil of darkness over the sky.  

The lyrics went through quite a few rewrites to get the right tone of words, although I managed to get drafts mixed up and repeated the words "still" and "stillness" in this recoding, which annoys me greatly.  I may be trying to overcome perfectionism as part of this project, but I really have a thing against the same word appearing twice in a paragraph or verse unless it's completely intentional.  I guess I have to work harder at overcoming my lyrical perfectionism.

I may have started refreshed, although the day's work didn't go down without a fight.  I borrowed the electric guitar and some pedals from my partner, and then got incredibly irritated that I couldn't make the sounds I was imagining in my mind.  I finally hit the reverb pedal and just played the whole thing with that turned on, and was relatively satisfied.  It's silly to get so annoyed, as it's the first time I've actually spent time with an electric guitar and effects pedals, and I wish I could have just let myself enjoy the exploration.  Perhaps now that I've got my first try out of the way I can sit down with it, and with no expectations have a little bit of fun.

This piece definitely feels unfinished, so it's going into the To Be Continued pile (which will probably be enormous by the end of this).