SCP #14: Waiting...

Today marks the end of week two, and I'm feeling awfully burnt out already.  I'm mentally, physically and vocally exhausted from a six hour gig yesterday, and all I wanted today was to have a day off.  I have to be kind to myself though.  This project was never going to be easy, and will ebb and flow with my mental and physical energy levels, and it's something I have to learn to work with.  

I took today nice and easy and didn't really write anything new.  I just had fun improvising with something I'd written around Day 10 of this project.  I continued with the melodic drone idea of yesterday's piece.  It's an improvisation, somewhere between song and spoken word.  The pipes in my building are incredibly loud, so the white noise you hear in the background is my upstairs neighbour having a shower.  It stops rather poignantly right at the end of the improvisation.

Now I'm going to switch off my phone, cook something nice for dinner, and start a new knitting project to unwind.