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SCP #13: Clocks, Coffee

I'm writing this post a day late, although I did stick to my project rules and write and record this piece yesterday.  I got it done right before I drove out to the beautiful Yarra Valley to play at a Bright Young Music wedding, and it definitely challenged my time management.  I decided that the gig preparation took precedence, and that I would get all of that done first and use whatever remaining time I had left on this song, which was about half an hour.  If I didn't have this self-imposed daily deadline I wouldn't have completed it, as the day of a large gig always comes with heightened stress levels.  Of course the deadline is self-imposed, so I'd only be letting myself down if I took the day off, yet the public nature of this project means that I am also accountable to an audience.  

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SCP #12: In This Room

Today is the first day I really didn't want to sit down and work.  Really, really didn't want to.  My schedule has been fairly light the past few weeks as most of my music teaching doesn't resume until the school term starts back again, but I am playing at a wedding tomorrow and spent most of today preparing for that.  I had considered building rest days into this project - one day a month perhaps - but momentum is an easy thing to lose.  One day off the wagon and you start to want another, and another and another.  I have no idea when I'll fit tomorrow's song in, but that's a challenge for the morning.

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SCP #9: The Taste Of A Stammer

Today's contribution starts to stretch the definition of music a little, but it falls within my use of the term.  This was a purely lyrical endeavour, and came from the line "tripping through streets in insensible shoes" from yesterday, which I found myself turning around in my head long after I'd finished the recording.  I decided to take the dominant sounds of that line, S's and T's, as my starting point.  After brainstorming a whole lot of words that featured those sounds I put them together into random sentences, and the one I really liked the sound of was "the taste of a stammer".  I used that as the starting point for a narrative, and fleshed out the text with other words from my brainstormed list, weaving them together in ways I liked both alliteratively and narratively

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