CutCommon career development #1: How to make the most of your friends

A mentorship can exist between two people at similar stages in their careers, and can be just as valuable as working with a more established mentor. Each participant brings different strengths and ideas to the table, and when managed well the relationship can be a source of support, accountability, and inspiration.

I have been working on a series of career development articles for CutCommon magazine, to be published weekly in the lead up to my album launch at the Paris Cat on May 6.

The first article, about establishing a mutual mentor relationship with a friend or creative colleague, has just gone live:

Mentoring is something that has been really valuable for my own creative career development, as a source of support, accountability and inspiration.  CutCommon's audience is primarily classical musicians, but mutual mentoring is an idea that can be utilised by creatives of all mediums.  I definitely recommend giving the article a read whatever your creative weapon of choice. 

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