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SCP #60: Of Smoke

Two months of songs down, and it took me all this time to do something on ukulele.  I have never really enjoyed playing uke, as I find it uncomfortable to hold, and just use it for teaching.  But yesterday I finally went and got a strap button installed, and it made such a difference.  While I was studying at the VCA Jo Lawry gave a master class, and spoke about the advantages of writing songs on an unfamiliar instrument.  For her it was guitar, and she enjoyed just putting her fingers onto the instrument and letting sounds guide her.  The ukulele plays a similar role for me, as I find its tuning very foreign.  This song came about from simply putting my fingers in random places on the instrument and letting my ear be my guide.

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SCP #59: My Grandmother's Earrings

One of the difficulties with this project is that each day's work is brand new.  Starting from a seed, a new piece of music must be realised in whatever time I have available that day.  This means that more complicated ideas that need some time to workshop are not really compatible with the way I'm working right now.  There is the possibility of writing a song in sections, adding or revising sections with each new day's work, and this would be within the rules I've set myself.  So far, however, I haven't worked like this, as I'm finding myself excited by the possibility of doing something new each day.  I'm only 16% of my way through the project, so perhaps that will change as I find myself running out of ideas that can be executed in a day.

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SCP #58: It, That Once Was Sweet For Him

This piece is not what I was originally working on yesterday.  I had planned out a whole story-song and done lots of timed writing exercises to generate material to work with, but by the time I got that far it was after 11pm and I was exhausted.  I looked up from my piano and into the mirror and my eyes were red and watery, so instead of pushing through I changed tact and did something much simpler.

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