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The Life Cycle of Creative Work

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the cycle of creative work. In my own creative life I seem to go through distinct phases, and rather than each phase co-existing I cycle through them, usually to a point of burnout, triggering an abrupt departure from one phase to the next.

I have been attempting to unpack this cycle, to try and understand it better, and I think it can be best divided into three phases: Practice, Creation and Promotion.

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SCP #51: Custard Bones

One of the challenges to staying creatively productive is fitting the creative work in with the rest of your life.  Before I went off to study music I worked a series of 9 - 5 jobs, however I only ever worked four days a week for most of that time.  I tried my best to use my day off for creative projects, and I did accomplish a whole lot of creative things during those years.  Ultimately, however, I found the constant shift between corporate and creatively mindsets exhausting.  I think I'd be better at it now that I have some robust processes in place, but I do find it much easier when my work and creative practice are more closely related.  My mind is never far away from music or art now, and my social circle is full of people who understand and support my lifestyle.

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