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SCP #16: Spin Me Like A Top

I have been binge-listening to a couple of really fantastic music-related podcasts recently.  The first is Susan De Weger's Beyond the Stage, which explores the way music training can enhance careers beyond the traditional performance-based options that are becoming increasingly rare. The second is Ben Turner's Double Depresso, which explores mental health in the arts.  I happen to be meeting up with Ben tomorrow morning to have a chat for a future episode, but the interview I listened to this morning with musician-turned-psychologist Fran felt particularly relevant to this project.  There was a lot of chat about the perils of social media, in particular the addictive nature of the "like" culture.  So far I've settled into a fairly robust writing routine, however the public nature of the project is not something I have quite figured out yet.  I spoke a little in a previous post about it giving me an audience to feel accountable to and help keep me on track with my daily deadline, but I didn't really address the darker side.  

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