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SCP #175: Somewhere That Isn't Here

A song! As much as I have been enjoying playing around with light it also feels nice to spend time on some composition.  I was woken very early the other morning, and sitting waiting for the sun to rise I began daydreaming about being on a plane to somewhere else in the world.  I took light as my theme from the previous piece and spun that together with my travel imaginings.  I was originally playing this on piano, but something about it sounded too much like musical theatre so I rearranged it for vocal loops and bass.  I was back to late night recording, so everything is played very quietly.

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SCP #39: Nothing To Be Wished Upon

I composed and recorded this one after having a wonderful chat with an old friend of mine for next week's episode of Mind Over Myth (which is now available for you to subscribe to on iTunes).  He stayed for dinner, so once again I was chipping away at my daily song late at night.  Since transitioning to a career as a musician and music teacher I have struggled with the change in schedule.  Unlike my old 9 - 5 jobs, I do the bulk of my work in the late afternoons and evenings.  The habit of many years' relaxing in the evenings is a hard one to break, and I feel strange and guilty if I sit down in the morning or early afternoon to watch a film, knit or sew, or just do something mind numbing for a few hours.  All the late-night songwriting is taking its toll, however, and I realise I really do need some downtime.  I spent a few hours before lunch today watching Vice documentaries, and there was one about Romanian witches that stuck in my mind.  In particular, it was the idea of the witches tearing open the sky to read the future that really struck me.

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