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SCP #35: A Love, Sweet And Secret

Apparently I'm 9.5% of the way through this project, which doesn't seem very far at all.  I already feel that my process is becoming stale, so I introduced some rigorous serial composition into today's piece to shift me away from habit.  I took the words ruby and secret from yesterday's title and used them as the basis for the composition.  

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SCP #30: Counting The Trains

This one was recorded at about 1:30am, which is by far the latest I've stayed up writing and recording for this project so far.  At about midnight when it was only half done I crashed, and was almost asleep at the piano.  I didn't like the melody, I had holes in my lines of lyrics that I just couldn't fill, and I was annoyed that I hadn't captured the mood from my initial writing exercises either musically or lyrically.  Basically, my inner critic was telling me everything was crap, and that I should just scrap it all and start again.

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