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SCP #57: Hummingbird

When I started this project back in January I was still sailing along on the time-rich bliss of summer school holidays.  I had a great routine of waking up, practicing mandolin or guitar with coffee, doing some exercise while listening to a podcast, showering, practicing some more before and after lunch, then working on my daily song in the evening.  But then the school term and private teaching started up again and my routine got thrown into turbulence and I haven't been able to steady it since.  

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SCP #44: The Spine Of Time

I concluded yesterday's blog post by saying that I would let interest and enjoyment be my guide, and I think that's something that deserves a little exploration.  It's not quite as simple as just doing what you are enjoying, especially if you want to develop your skills at something.  What is good for you may not necessarily be enjoyable, and it is easy to become bored or to feel like your practice is stagnating if you don't work outside of your comfort zone every now and then.

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