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SCP #68: Café Terrace At Night

For this piece I took the theme coffee from the previous day and in some internet wanderings came across Van Gogh's Café Terrace At Night, which I used to inspire this piece.  I focussed on the bright and dark areas of the painting and did a three-minute writing exercise inspired by each.  I then wove the result of the two exercises into this piece using minimal additional text.  I really enjoyed this process, as the painting provided a wonderful source of inspiration.  There was so much to tease out of it, and I think I might have to start a series of these pieces inspired by impressionist art.

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SCP #45: Two Shades Of Blue

I delved into my experimental self for this piece, but unfortunately my audio recorder didn't pick up much of the water sounds.  I was pretty exhausted yesterday, and so I allocated myself a half hour window in which to get the piece done.  I used ink from the previous day as a starting theme, and a mind map led me to cobalt blue.  Some internet wandering brought up Renoir's painting The Umbrellas, which was painted using two different shades of blue: the first stages of the painting done using cobalt, and later stages with ultramarine.  This idea of an umbrella in two shades of blue inspired the text, and my kitchen provided the props.

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