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SCP #77: Somewhere It Rains

This is Sunday's piece, and I had regained a little of my mojo for this one.  I started with the theme clumsy from the previous day's piece, and did a three minute timed writing exercise.  I then took all the nouns, verbs and adjectives from the result of that writing exercise and created word pairs with them.  I used two of the pairs, "somewhere rain" and "another kitchen", as prompts for two additional three-minute writing exercises, and the results of those exercises led to this song.  The day after I wrote this song it actually did rain in Melbourne, so I like to think I summoned the rain with my song.

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SCP #29: Selkie

So far the most reliable source of inspiration for this project has been folklore.  I'm not sure if it's because I feel comfortable working in that kind of lyrical and thematic realm, or if it's just what I'm interested in right now, but I turned there again for today's piece.  I started with the word skin from yesterday, and the first Google search result for "skin folklore" was selkie, which proved a fertile place to start.

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