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SCP #85: Walnuts And Chestnuts

I spent yesterday afternoon trying to sort out a pedal/instrument setup for my gig this Thursday night with Joyce Prescher and Kerryn Fields.  While everything was plugged in I recorded this short little vocal piece, continuing with the autumnal theme of the previous piece.  I love to cook, and I love the change in produce each new season brings.  Autumn is probably my favourite time of year, and as the song says, I have been waiting for walnuts and chestnuts.

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SCP #81: Morning Stirs

This piece follows on from the previous day's Whisper mind map, and the word ear lobe that appeared on it.  I did a three minute writing exercise using that prompt, and then took the nouns, verbs and adjectives from the result and paired them.  Morning stirs and shake off the lamp light were the two pairs that prompted this piece.  I tried to set the text to music without much success, so instead of getting frustrated I let myself record it as a spoken word piece.

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SCP #58: It, That Once Was Sweet For Him

This piece is not what I was originally working on yesterday.  I had planned out a whole story-song and done lots of timed writing exercises to generate material to work with, but by the time I got that far it was after 11pm and I was exhausted.  I looked up from my piano and into the mirror and my eyes were red and watery, so instead of pushing through I changed tact and did something much simpler.

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