SCP #129: Naughty Verses From An Old Folk Song

Moving on from my glove mind map, this piece came out of a songwriting exercise I did with one of my young students in her lesson.  I had her make a mind map starting with the theme "forest", and then make pairs of words from the map.  We each chose a different word pair to use as a prompt for a three-minute writing exercise, and mine was "singing night".  Here's the result of my own three-minute exercise, which became the chorussy part of this rollicking drinking song:

"The stars wink at each other as they sing naughty verses from an old song they heard wafting out of a heaving tavern. They lift their voices into the cold air and warm it with memories of ale and whiskey. Below the trees shut their ears to the din and whisper and tut to one another."

I wrote the chorus first, taking some notes from the previous song as a starting point for the harmony.  The melody of the chorus part has been stuck in my head since I recorded it, which just goes to show the simple power of the I, IV and V chords.