SCP #82: Interruption

On Friday afternoon I had just started recording the day's song when I heard a dripping sound from the hallway.  My upstairs neighbours' flat was rapidly flooding, and as a consequence flooding down into my flat too.  This is not the first time this has happened, so I knew exactly which areas of my apartment needed to be evacuated of stuff.  I hauled everything out of the wardrobes and used every towel in the house to try and hold back the leaking water.  

Once the panic had subsided I was left sitting in a chaotic mess of clothes and wet towels, with barely any of the song recorded.  I decided to just leave it there for the day, so here's the tiny part I managed to capture, plus my dark expression when I noticed the dripping in the hallway.  I'm thankful I was the only person home so was recording with the door open, otherwise I'm not sure I would have noticed in time to rescue all our clothes.

The song was a little instrumental piece on my new electric mandolin, but I think the interruption is probably more interesting than the song itself, so here you go.