SCP #55: Res'vor

Keeping with The Getting Of Wisdom theme from the previous day, this piece is named for the protagonist Laura's sister, Pin.  Pin is nicknamed Res'vor by their housemaid "on account of her perpetual wateriness", and so I worked with the idea of tears welling up for this improvisation.  I had about a ten minute window to get this done, so I improvised it completely, without doing any thinking or writing exercises first.  

I am getting quite good at coming up with interesting prose and lyrical ideas when I'm putting pen to paper in a timed writing exercise, but I find that process much more difficult when using my voice instead of a pen.  I would really like to work on spontaneous vocal textual improvisation, so I'm glad this project forced me to just throw myself into this one.

The hasty recording setup also meant I managed to chop my head off in the video, and I didn't realise until I watched it back the next day.