SCP #71: Calendar Says Autumn

The calendar says autumn but the weather says summer, summer, summer.  Indeed.  It was over 30 degrees and humid yesterday in Melbourne, so I wrote about that.  I feel like a broken record complaining about the weather, but I've never really had to really push through creative work in uncomfortable environments before.  In the past I would have just taken a break for the day and gone to find somewhere cool to hang out, but there are songs to be written, so I might as well mine the discomfort for ideas.

I used fingerprints as my starting point, and some serial composition using the letters of that word gave me the rhythm and melody of the ostinato.

In related news, I've finally started planning a series of monthly shows to perform some of the music I'm writing for this project.  I'll be at LongPlay in Fitzroy North once a month from April to the end of the year, joined by a host of wonderful musicians.  The first of these shows is on April 12, and I'll be finalising guest musicians shortly.  

LongPlay is very intimate with only 30 seats, so I'd recommend purchasing a ticket online if you'd like to come along, as once the tickets are gone they're gone.  The Facebook event is here in case you prefer to manage your calendar that way.