SCP #64: Ice-Cream Afternoon

If it weren't for the very public nature of this project I think I would have pulled the plug on it by now.  Or at least taken a break.  But I know from experience that if I take a break at something challenging it can be really difficult to start up again.  Especially now, when the rest of my life seems to be getting in the way, if I stopped now I'd probably never find the "right time" to start back up again.

For the sake of my sanity I'm going to scale back my blog posts a bit, at least until the Term 1 school holidays when I've got a bit of extra time to myself to hopefully catch up and reassess my work/life balance.  For those interested in the composition of this piece, it came from this mind map:

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There were so many possibilities from this one, but I went with Ice cream filled with sand.  The ice cream, melting and running down your hands, became time, and the gritty pieces of sand between your teeth that you swallow rather than spitting out publicly became sentences.