SCP #46: The Shade

One of the songwriting tools I use regularly is an etymological dictionary.  Looking at the origin of words is a really fascinating way of finding links between seemingly unrelated objects and ideas.  My original starting point for this piece was umbrella, and the origin of that word comes from umbra, which is related to shadows and also to phantoms and ghosts. It is an interesting coincidence that the words shade and umbrella are linked, as shade also appeared in the previous day's piece.  I took the ghostly route, and worked off the idea of trying to imagine a loved one back into existence.  

While recording a take the globe in my filming light exploded very spectacularly.  I've always been irrationally scared of ghosts, so I'm doing my best to treat it as a coincidence. I had changed a few of the lyrics between this first take and the second take with the explosion, so the full video is a first draft.  Here's a short video of the explosion, it's both amusing and terrifying.  I'm sure you'll excuse my bad language given the circumstance.

Warning! Explosion and salty language. I guess this is what happens when you try to sing a song about a ghost...

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