SCP #43: Read My Heart

For this piece I took a fragment of yesterday's melody, wrote the notes on scraps of paper and pulled them out of a hat to create a new melody.  The first time I pulled them out, however, they were in perfect ascending scale order, so I discarded that melodic idea.  If I were really giving myself over to randomness I should have gone with that first attempt, but I found the orderliness uninspiring so I had another go.  Really, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to make something interesting out of half a scale, and I didn't even give myself the chance to try.  Next time I'll stick to my guns, and work with whatever material my methods throw up.

This piece is built on two melodic lines created via my notes-out-of-a-hat method.  I was feeling kind of slow and meditative while working on it, so the rest of the piece reflects that mood.  I kept the text simple, following on from yesterday's crazy novelist and taking reading as a theme to work from.  I am really enjoying playing around with my loop pedal at the moment, and while part of me thinks I should give it a rest to explore other avenues and make the song-chain more diverse and interesting, another part of me thinks I should just push on with what is holding my attention at the moment.  There are definitely merits to both ways of thinking, but I think for the moment I'll let my interest and enjoyment be my guide.