SCP #12: In This Room

Today is the first day I really didn't want to sit down and work.  Really, really didn't want to.  My schedule has been fairly light the past few weeks as most of my music teaching doesn't resume until the school term starts back again, but I am playing at a wedding tomorrow and spent most of today preparing for that.  I had considered building rest days into this project - one day a month perhaps - but momentum is an easy thing to lose.  One day off the wagon and you start to want another, and another and another.  I have no idea when I'll fit tomorrow's song in, but that's a challenge for the morning.

Despite not wanting to work on this project I did find time to sit down this morning and do a little passage of free writing before my morning student arrived.  It felt deliciously rebellious to be doing something creative that was unrelated to this project, and my output was quite refreshed as a result.  I decided to use it for today's piece, but had to find something to link it to yesterday's.  I took the word honeycomb and added a little connection that way.  Perhaps it's cheating because I didn't technically with something from yesterday, but I reserve the right to bend my own rules every now and then.  This one's inspired by early mornings.