Erica Bramham is a critically acclaimed vocalist, guitarist and composer from Melbourne, Australia.  Poetic, inventive and uniquely personal, her work crosses the boundaries between jazz, traditional folk and experimental art music, showcasing her finesse as a lyricist and a captivating performance style that blends song with spoken word and extended vocal technique.

In 2016 Bramham released her debut album, Twelve Moons, a song cycle that blurred the boundaries between folk and improvised music. a song cycle that blurred the lines between folk and improvised music.  The album was named alongside David Bowie and Vijay Iyer as one of the top ten releases of the year on All About Jazz, with critic Phil Barnes calling it "a fine record of forward looking modern vocal jazz that shows a way to make interesting, lyrically inventive improvised music” and signalling Bramham as a talent to watch.

In January 2017 Erica embarked on The Song-Chain Project, an ambitious creative mission to compose, record and share a new piece of music every day for 365 days. The project was a chance to explore the depths of creativity and the challenges that can hinder it, and provided a unique insight into the creative process at work.  The project produced an impressive 180 songs, soundscapes, free improvisations, musical poems, nonsense, noise and other pieces of musical art, which, combined with the accompanying writing and video performances, stand as a complex and fascinating journal of a year in the life of an artist.  Erica released a collection of music written as part of the project on her second album, Songs From A Midnight Room.

Since completing The Song-Chain Project Bramham has continued her explorations into creativity beyond the project, addressing the topic regularly through freelance writing and her podcast Mind Over Myth.

Erica's other projects include folk-noir duo Bitter Almond, with guitarist / bassist Adam Spiegl, and In Our Own Words, a collaborative project that explores the music of some of the 20th century’s greatest songwriters.  She also plays mandolin with singer-songwriter Nathan Power.

In addition to her performance career, Erica is Director of Bright Young Music, a boutique wedding and corporate entertainment agency based in Melbourne. She is also a passionate teacher and maintains a healthy teaching practice, tutoring students privately in voice, guitar, ukulele, music theory and songwriting.