Erica Bramham wrote 180 songs in a year – and lived to tell the story

Interview with, February 2018


"Each day’s work was recorded and shared through social media, in a gesture of brutal honesty that shed light to the creative process, the struggle, the joy, the inspiration, the limitation, the block.  At times, you could almost feel the labour pain associated with crafting a song and the emotional cost that it has."

- Nikos Fotakis, February 2018



"If you have ever suffered from a creative block chances are you’ve Googled for something to pull you out of the slump.  Inspirational quotes are easy to find, and generally run along the lines of 'sit down and do the work, and you will work yourself out of the block'. This is great advice, but what happens when 'sit down and do the work' is just not enough? ... "



What I learnt writing a piece a day (for a year)

CutCommon Magazine, January 2018


"The real lesson of this project is that these ‘failures’ are not really failures. They are learning experiences, first drafts, temporary interruptions, opportunities to be creative in different ways, and signs that you need some time away from your work. "



"I think a lot of musicians (myself included) spend too much time trying to become the kind of musician we think others want us to be, rather than figuring out the kind of musician we want to be and working towards that goal instead."



Ben Turner and Erica Bramham chat about perfectionism with the creative process, inner dialogue, people pleasing and Erica's song-chain project.




"Bramham and her band have made a fine record of forward looking modern vocal jazz that shows a way to make interesting, lyrically inventive improvised music—let's just hope that the world is listening."

- Phil Barnes, August 2016



"I think my love of lyrics plays an important part in my personal voice, as it’s become quite clear now that lyrics, stories and poetry are what inspire me to create. While studying jazz at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, this made me feel quite inadequate, but there was a point when I stopped comparing myself to all the great bebop singers and embraced my own way of making and enjoying music."