Erica Bramham

Vocalist, guitarist, composer & music teacher - Melbourne, Australia

Erica Bramham Quartet

Lyrically driven with a strong sense of character and narrative, Erica Bramham's work sits somewhere between contemporary jazz and traditional folk music. Her writing draws inspiration from European chanson, Middle Eastern modal music, traditional folk songs and the music of Tin Pan Alley to create a sound that is at once timeless and modern. More than just a singer-songwriter, Erica's music explores words in interesting and unexpected ways, weaving the simplicity of folk melodies with spoken word, textural improvisations and the richness of jazz harmony.

Joined by three of Melbourne's finest young musicians, Nathan Liow, Adam Spiegl and Justin Olsson, the quartet play from an open, improvised space that allows the music to unfold organically.

The quartet's debut album Twelve Moons is available now.

Erica Bramham voice, guitar, mandolin
Nathan Liow piano
Adam Spiegl bass
Justin Olsson drums

Bitter Almond

Bitter Almond skates the borders of folk, jazz and experimental pop, showcasing original music and arrangements of traditional folk songs. Acoustic and electric guitars converse with effects and vocal loops while exceptional songwriting takes centre stage. Formed in 2016 by multi-instrumentalists Erica Bramham and Adam Spiegl, and featuring some of Melbourne's best hidden musical talents.

Apple Ida & Her Cider Press Band

Born out of a love of the music and culture of the early 20th century, Apple Ida is a project dedicated to faithfully recreating the sound of the golden age of jazz. As Musical Director, Erica Bramham has curated a collection of songs, many now long forgotten, that highlight the sound and history of the 20s, 30s and 40s. These standards are complimented by Erica's original compositions written in homage to these timeless songs, and Erica weaves stories and historical anecdotes through the performance, transporting the audience back in time to a candlelit speakeasy at the height of the jazz age.

Bright Young Music


Erica is the Director at Bright Young Music, a boutique wedding and corporate entertainment agency in Melbourne, Australia. Launched in 2014, her focus for the agency is to provide an exceptional, personalised entertainment service while ensuring the musicians who do the hard work are adequately compensated for their skill and time.

Melbourne Song Salon

Founded by Erica Bramham in 2013, the Melbourne Song Salon is a songwriting collective made up of some of Melbourne's finest young musicians that meets regularly to workshop original songs. Each season culminates in a public performance to showcase the best new works generated out of composition challenges and workshops.