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SCP #172: Refraction I

I am struggling to return to the routine of this project, and have ended up a few days behind again.  My life is messy at the moment: my mental energy is being swallowed by recent rental uncertainties, and the potential disruption and financial pressure of having to move to a new apartment is really stressing me out.  This is fuelling the voice that asks "what is the point of doing this?", and not just this project, but music altogether.

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SCP #137: Migraine+Hives (I)

So far in this project I haven't really been sick, but last week I crossed that hurdle.  Since just before Easter I have been experiencing a mysterious case of hives every time I exercise.  I have been pretty sedentary since they started, which is an easy habit to fall into when you're locked in a practice / teaching room all day with your instruments.  In a burst of inspiration to get active I went out for a jog, and came home an allergic mess.  As well as hives covering my entire body, my lips and tongue had swelled up, so I went to the emergency room in case of anaphylactic shock.  

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